How to Recover Deleted Photos Videos from Samsung J2

I now use the Samsung J2. I think the biggest drawback of this mobile phone is the memory is too small. Every time I take a photo, it shows a lack of memory. So I need to periodically delete photos and videos from my phone. Today when I was finishing mobile phone photos, I accidentally put all the photos and videos to select and delete. I am very eager to restore them, because some of the photos I have been reluctant to delete. They are all meaningful and precious memories to me. Is there any way to help me recover deleted Photos from Samsung Galaxy J2?

Samsung Data Recovery will be a software that makes you satisfied. Its flagship recovery of mobile phone data, whether it is accidentally deleted or loss of data due to the system crash caused, it also can restore the data. It has a high recovery rate and a wide range of applications. At present it can be applied to more than 6000 kinds of Android devices. This is a safe and reliable software. If you want to restore the deleted photos and videos, Samsung Data Recovery will give you a perfect result.


Steps to Restore Lost or Deleted Photos from Samsung J2:

Step 1. Running Android Data Recovery and connect the phone to the computer

At the beginning, you need to download the Android Data Recovery to your computer. Then install and run it. At the same time, you also need to connect your J2 to the computer with the USB line. Prior to this, you need to open the USB debugging in the phone. If you forget this side, when you connect the phone to the computer, the program will automatically remind you.

Step 2. Check the type of file you want to scan

When you successfully connect your phone to your computer, the program will automatically detect your phone. As you can see, the main interface will have a number of files; you can only check "Photos" and “video". Of course, you can also check the other types, if there is a need. And click “Next".

Step 3. Select scan mode and start scanning mobile phone

Next, you need to select a mode. Program will provide two modes, one is the standard mode, and the other is the advanced mode. My advice is "standard model", because the model is faster. Then click “Start". The program begins to scan your lost data. Finally, the results of the scan will be displayed in the window. This process takes a few minutes.

Step 4.Recover the photos and videos

When the scan is complete, the left side of the program displays the files you can recover. You can click on them and preview. When you find the data that you want to restore, you only need to check them and click “Recover”. YYou can also use the search box to retrieve the files you want to restore.


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