How to Recover Deleted Text messages from Samsung C5

Somebody asked a question online. The question is how to recover deleted or lost SMS text messages from Samsung galaxy C5 because he deleted some important text messages by mistake.
Actually, most smartphone users, including me, have met that situation. However, it is not a big thing to me now becuase I have a Samsung Galaxy C5. I have used Samsung Data Recovery since it helped me find the deleted conatcts back. It is a truly good software, so I think it can help the above person, too.

Samsung Data Recovery is a secure and easy-to-operate data recovery tool, which can assist the user to recover the lost and deleted data, like contact, messages, photos, WhatsApp chat history, document and others on the phone. It has high recovery rate and can work for 6000+ Android phone, including Samsung series.


Steps to recover deleted text messages from Samsung C5.

Step 1.Run Samsung Data Recovery on the Computer
Download, install properly the program on your computer. Run it and connect your Samsung galaxy C5 to the computer with USB cable.

Tip: Please close any other running applications or background software.

Step 2. Empower USB Debugging
If you find your connected device can't be recognized by Samsung Data Recovery, you need to empower the USB debugging. If the program work normally, you can skip this step.

Step 3.Select the Type of Files to Scan
Once detection finishes, you can check various types of file and what you need to do is choosing “Messages” to scan. And then, click on “Next” button to go on next step.

Step 4. Analyze and Scan Deleted Text Messages from Your Device
Choose corresponding scan mode for your device. There are two modes, “Standard Mode”  and “Advanced Mode”.
We often advise you to choose“Standard Mode” first because it is the common choice and works fast. But if the base root fails, please select the “Advanced Mode”.
Then, press "Start" button to allow the program to begin scanning.

Tips: Please keep the connection between your device and computer during the process.
During the scanning,if a Superuser authorization appearing on your device, please click "Allow"  button to confirm it.

Step 5. Recover Deleted Text Messages from Samsung C5
When the scan completes, you can preview all found data from your device. The found data include existing and deleted data.
Select the items of messages that you want to recover and press “Recover” button to save them on your computer.

Notes: If you want to avoid existing messages, you can turn on the button of "Display deleted files only",or use the search function on the top right to search what you need in the scan result.


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