How to Recover Deleted Photos/Videos from S7/S7 Edge

I want to restore the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge photos and videos, how can I do? Yesterday, my boyfriend and I broke up. Angrily, I put my album empty. And when I came again to myself, I regret. There are more pictures and videos of my boyfriend and me, but there are still a lot of my family and friends. These photos and videos are too precious to me, I can't lose them. I want to restore them to my mobile phone, how can I do?

Android Data Recovery is the World's 1st Android Data Recovery tool. It can regain lost or deleted contacts, text messages, photos, WhatsApp messages, audio files, videos, documents and so on. For photos and videos that you have deleted, it has enough ability to restore them. Do you think it's just such a simple function? It also can recover the brick and cracked screen mobile phone, water-damaged, black, screen etc. What are you waiting for? Use it to restore your photos or videos!

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Way to Recover Deleted or Lost Photos/videos from Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge:

Step 1.Connect your S7 Edge and Start USB Debugging

Please download and run the Dr.Fone for Android. And then use an USB cable to connect your S7 edge to your PC. When your mobile phone successfully connected to the computer, you need to open the USB debugging. Please open your mobile phone according to instructions.

Step 2.Be Ready to Scan your S7 edge

Click "Next" and program will identify your S7. If your S7 edge has been rooted, you should allow the program Superuser authorization on the screen of your S7 edge.

Step 3.Choose Videos or Photos to Scan

At this time, by default, the program has been checked all the documents. Because you only need to restore the photos or videos, so cancel the other file types. Then, click the "Next".

After selecting videos or photos to scan, you're provided with 2 scanning modes: Standard Mode or Advanced Mode. According to your needs, you should choose the standard mode and click on the first "Scan for deleted files". After then, click "Start".

Step 4: Restore your video or photo

After scanning, click on the "video" or "picture" in the left sidebar. If you find the results include all the videos or photos on your device, you can swipe the button "Only display deleted items" on the top of the window. Then, you need to check the videos or photos, and click the "Recover".


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