How to Recover Deleted SMS Messages from Note 5/Note 4

Samsung Note 5 is the smoothest, sleekest stylus-equipped jumbo-screen smartphone that the company has ever made. And it could have been even better.

On the plus side, it's ablaze with slim, shiny, large-screened luster, a strong camera, a retooled stylus and killer battery life. But the Note 5 only incrementally improves upon last year's Note 4, while also sealing in the battery and doing away with the expandable storage slot (there is, however, free cloud storage). These last two omissions could hurt Samsung by opening the door to less expensive rivals, from the likes of LG, HTC and Motorola, which continue to equip devices with removable batteries and/or a storage slot for saving movies, games and apps.

Text messages plays an important role in the smartphone. As your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 or Note 4, you may often lost or deleted your important SMS messages on your Samsung Galaxy Note 5/Note 4 by accident. But how to restrieve those deleted or lost text messages from Samsung Galaxy Note 5/Note 4?

We can recommmend you the third-party Samsung Data Recovery software. With the best Samsung Data Recovery arround the world, you can get back your lost or deleted text messages from samsung galaxy note 5/note 4.

Tips: You can recover deleted contacts, videos, photos, call logs, calendar, musci and more from your samsung galaxy note phone with samsung data recovery.

Download the try trail verion below:


Ways to Recover Lost or Deleted Text messages from Samsung Galaxy Note 5/Note 4:

Step 1: Connect your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 on your computer via USB cable

Download and install the Samsung Data Recovery- Android Data Recovery on your computer.

Step 2: Enable USB Debugging

To make sure that Samsung Data Recovery can recognize your Note 5 device, you should enable the USB debugging on your phone.

Step 3: Analyze and scan your samsung galaxy note 5.

Please click "Next" to let the program analyze the data on your device. To make it work properly, please make sure there is at least 20% of battery for the phone.

Just click "Allow" when the message pops up on the device's screen. Then back to your computer and click "Start" to scan your device.

You can only check the "Messaging", after this, the program will scan for text messages and message attachments for you. Click "Next" to let the software scan for lost sms messages on your samsung galaxy note 5 or note 4.

Step 4: Preview and Recover Deleted Text Messages on Samsung Note 5/Note 4

Put the check mark in front of these messages and click "Recover" at the lower right of the bottom. In the new pop-up window, select a path on your computer local drive to save these recovered text messages as a HTML or text file.


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