How to Recover Deleted Data from Format Android SD Cards

Last week I bought a Samsung Galaxy S7, so I'm going to send my old Android cell phone to my sister. In order to protect my privacy, I deleted all the information on my phone. In addition, I formatted my SD card. And in the use of S7, I found that many of the old mobile phone information is useful, such as the address book. I don't have a backup before formatting the SD card. Can I get back the original information from Samsung S7?

Android Data Recovery is a secure data recovery software. It has a strong ability to recover. It can recover the bricked mobile phone, not to mention just deleted the data. You can restore the contents such as contacts, text messages, photos, WhatsApp messages, audio files, videos documents, and so on. So, can you restore the formatted SD card? The answer is yes. It can recover the data from your formatted SD card, and will not damage or lose your data.

So you can download the try trail version below:


Here, you can follow the steps to recover deleted data from android SD Cards:

Step 1.Download and install Dr.Fone for Android

After the download, installation, operation, you will receive the following program page. Click "scan it" on the screen because you can only recover the data from the SD card.

Step 2.Insert your SD card into the computer.

At this time you need to insert your SD card to the computer through the card reader. After it successful, click on "Next". Then,you should choose a disk to get into scanning process and you're required to click "Next" again in the next window.

Step 3.select and enter the scan mode you need

As can be seen from the program, there are two scanning modes, one is the standard mode, the other is the advanced mode. The first option you need to click on the standard pattern. Then click "Next" to enter the next step.

Step 4.Restore your Android SD Card Data

At this time, the program will scan your SD card. The file type will be displayed on the left. Please choose what you need to restore the files. Selection is complete, click on the lower right corner of the "recovery". Wait for a period of time, complete file recovery.


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