How to Recover Deleted Photos Videos from Samsung S8

I'm a big fan of taking photos and seeing movies, so I often watch movies or variety shows and taking pictures by my mobile phone. Therefore, I want to buy a mobile phone which has powerful features and beautiful appearance. Most important, It must has wonderful ability of taking pictures and a crisp color screen. Based on the analysis of the mobile phone in the market, As far as I'm comcerned, there is no doubt that Samsung S8 is extremely good and it meet my requirements. Samsung S8 has a beautiful appearance and it's good for taking pictures , So I bought a Samsung S8.

I take my mobile phone as a supplementary tool for entertainent, sometime I will watch movies and variety shows because it can make me more relax and I also feel very happy. In summer vacation, my friend Tom and I travel to Beijing. Beijing is a very famous city of China. It's very beautiful and spectacular. We also visit the Great Wall, The Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square. During the trip, I took a lot of pictures including the scenery of Beijing and the pictures of Tom and I. We also very happy and we save the photos to my Samsung S8 as a souvenir.

However, a few days ago, I accidentally deleted some photos and videos which including the pictures of the scenery of Beijing, and I also accidentally deleted some famous movies and variety shows. I felt very anxious and collapse. Yesterday, I ask Tom for help. Tom recommend a software called Android Data Recovery to me , He said that it can recover deleted my data such as photos and videos. After a while, I recover my deleted photos and videos from my Samsung S8 by Android Data Recovery. So, I decide to recommend it to you.


Step 1. install Android Data Recovery

Firstly, you should install Android Data Recovery to your computer.

Step 2. connect your Samsung S8

First, you should run the Android Data Recovery. Then, you can use you phone's USB cable to connect Samsung S8 to you computer. Android Data Recovery will automatic distinguish your Samsung S8.

Note: Please ensure that you've enabled the USB debugging on your Samsung S8
during the connecting process.

Step 3. Select the types of the file
After your computer is distinguish to you Samsung S8, you can see your Samsung S8. At this time, you can choose the type of files which you want to recover. You can choose the files'type of photos and movies. Then, you can click "Next" to continue it.

Step 4. Choose the Mode

Now, you can choose a Mode such as the "Standard Mode" or the "Advanced Mode". If you use the software first time, you can choose "Standard Mode" because it will be faster. However, if you can't use the "Standard Mode"  you can try the "Advanced Mode". When you finish your chosen, you can get into next step.

Step 5. Preview and Recover

In this step, you can preview your lost photos and vedios. After previewing, you can select the data which you want to recover such as your lost photos and vedios. When you finish the choice, you can click on "Recover" to recover your deleted photos and vedios.


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