Recover Lost/Deleted Photos, Videos from Samsung C7

Samsung has been recognized as a mobile phone brand. People are happy to buy a Samsung mobile phone. Samsung in order to adapt to the different needs of people, to meet the different levels of taste, it launched a number of series of mobile phones, such as S series, Note series, A series, C series, etc.. Samsung Galaxy C series will be positioned to focus on the most common consumer segment.
Samsung C series of consumer groups is very large. However, problems encountered by consumers are various. Let me talk about the most common problems.

When we are in used Samsung Galaxy C7, often because of improper operation and lead to the loss or deletion of Samsung C7 data. There may be a wrong Click water, damaged broken. If the missing or deleted data is irrelevant, it has little effect on us. However, if the missing data photos, videos are very important, we need to recover pictures, videos from Samsung C7. How to recover the data?

Samsung Data Recovery is a common software. It has always been popular with people. Because of its high recovery rate, it have the ability to face all kinds of difficult problems, such as Forgotten Password, System Crash, SD Card Issue, Rooting Error, ROM Flashing. And its compatibility is very good, at this stage it can be applied to more than 6 thousand Android Samsung mobile phones. It can also recove, photos, videos, contacts, messaging, call logs, and more from Samsung phones.


Let me induce how to recover lost or deleted photos, videos from Samsung C7

Step 1. Connect the phone to the computer and turn on the USB debugging

First, download and install Android Data Recovery on your computer. Then connect your Samsung C7 to your PC. In addition, you need to start USB debugging. The program will pop up a window to remind you.

Step 2. Select file type to scan

When you successfully open the USB debugging, the program will detect your phone. Then, the data can be recovered will displayed in the window. You can check the data type. You just need to check them off as you need. So you can just check "photos" and "videos ".And then click “next".

Step 3. Scan data and display

First, you need to select "standard mode" or "advanced mode" to scan the phone data. I suggest you can try a faster mode, which is the "standard model". And click on it. Recoverable data will be displayed.

Note: There might be a Superuser authorization appearing on your device during the scan. If you get it, click "Allow" to confirm it. If not, just forget it.

Step 4. Preview and restore data

When the scan is complete, you can preview the displayed data. You can view the contents of the file, and then check the data you want, and then click “Recover”.


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