How to Recover Lost Data from Samsung after Got Wet

Nowadays, most young people are called phubbers because they often plays their mobile phone on the way. What's worse, some even can't bear the moment without smart phone.
My roommate is addicted to his Samsung phone. Wherever she goes, she must take her phone, even in restroom. Well, going to the restroom with mobile phone is not rare today, but my roomate's Smasung phone is broken in the restroom. Her phone dropped out into the water, so it is no wonder that she can't use the phone and access the data any more. She found her life without smart phone was quite inconvenient, so she bought a new phone at once, but she couldn't find the data on water-damaged Samsung phone.

How to extract and recover lost data from Samsung Galaxy After got wet? I have solved this problem with Samsung Data Recovery, the world 1st data recovery software for Android. I think Samsung Data Recovery is useful and powerful, so I introduce it to my roommate. As I expected, Samsung Data Recoverysuccessfully found all lost data from my roommate's Samsung phone after got wet.
Now, let's see how to use Samsung Data Recovery to recover lost data from Samsung after got wet.


Steps to to recover lost data from Samsung after got wet.

Step 1. Download and Launch Samsung Data Recovery on the Computer
After download, launch Samsung Data Recovery on the computer. Then open "Android Data Extraction"  among left side of the window and connect your broken device.
Here, mark "Select all" to choose all file types to recover and click "Start" to begin the extraction.

Note:Using this mode, the program can only recover existing data on your broken device.

Step 2. Choose Suitable Fault State of Your Device
In this part, there are two fault types, "Touch doesn't work or cannot access the phone" and "Black/broken screen".  Please select the one which matches your phone states.

And then, please select the device mode. Choose the suitable "Device Name" and "Device Model" and hit "Next" button to continue the extraction.

Note:Please make sure you have selected the correct device model, otherwise your device may be bricked, or having other falures.

Step 3. Make Your Device Enter Download Mode
Please follow the guidance on the window to make your device enter download mode.
1. Power off the phone.
2. Press and hold the volume down + Home button + Power button.
3. Press the volume up to enter download mode.

Step 4. Analyze Your Device
After Dr. Fone download recovery package and the model matches successfully, Dr. Fone will analyze and scan the exiating data on your broken device automatically and quickly.

Step 5. Preview and Recover Data from Broken Phone
Now, all found file types are displayed to you in categories. You are able to select the files to preview.
Choose the files you need and hit "Recover" to save all the precious data you need.

Note: The state will be in an unresponsive state during the scan. Do not unplug the device during the scan. Once the restore has been completed, close the program and the phone will return back to normal operation.


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