How to Recover Deleted SMS Text Messages from Samsung J7

“I got a big trouble recently. I always use my phone, Samsung J7, to send notices and get notices from some important clients. That day I just wanted to delete some useless text messages to free up the storage space and I do that lots of times. However, I am a totally clumsy person because I often deleted some quite important text messages. And the most worse time even made the client complained about that to my boss. That was the big trouble. I do really want to get rid of the carelessness, but I can’t! So I think I need an assistant which can help me fix this situation all the time.”

Delete some important data on your phone accidentally? Don’t worry about that. Samsung Data Recovery is the tool that you desire. Samsung Data Recovery is the World's 1st Android smart phone and tablet recovery software. Our users like it because it has highest recovery rate in the industry, it can recover messages, photos, videos, contacts, call logs, and more, and it is fully Compatible with 6000+ Android devices. It fits Samsung, Google, Sony, HTC, LG and more Android devices. What’s more, the recovery process is safe and effective.

Steps to recover deleted SMS text messages from Samsung J7:

Step 1. Install the Software on the PC
Download and install it without hesitation, and then open it. Next, connect your device to the PC.

Note: It is better to close any other running software on your device, except Samsung Data Recovery.
Enable USB debugging when your connected device isn't recognized by Dr. Fone.

Step 2. Choose SMS Text Messages to Scan
There will be all different flies from your Samsung J7 Edge on the window. Choose "Messages" to scan and click “Next” to enter next interface.

Step 3. Select Suitable Mode and Allow to Analyze and Scan
Before analyzing and scanning, you need to choose one kind of scanning mode which matches your Samsung J7. One is “Standard Mode” and the other is “Advanced Mode”. Generally speaking, we advise you choose “ Standard Mode” first because “Standard Mode” can fit common situation. But if you find the first mode does not suit to your phone, you can choose “Advanced Mode”.

Once you choose well, press “Start” to begin analyzing and then press “Allow” to enter scanning process.
Note: Please ensure battery power of your phone is more than 20% to uphold the scanning because this part may cost few minutes.
In addition, if you meet a superuser authorization, just press "Allow" to comfirm it.

Step 4. Preview and Restore SMS Text Messages
You can preview all found data from your Samsung J7. Check the data text messages clearly and select the items of  messages that you need.
Finally, press “Recover” button to save them on the PC.

Note: If you want to search the particular files, you can find them in the top right blank box easily and conveniently.Also, you can turn on "Display deleted files only" button to separate the existing and deleted items.


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