How to Recover Deleted Data Contacts from Galaxy J7

What will you do when you find the data on your Galaxy J7? You may say that you don’t know and just let them go. However, it is pretty convenient to you for your work, study when you lost the important data. To avoid and fix this situation while meeting, what you need a is professional tool which can help you fix this kind of problem forever and let you never worry about that again.
You might ask what is the tool and whether it can really work out this problem for them. Actually, it can!
We are confident of telling you that it can recover any kind of lost data contacts on your Samsung Galaxy J7 and it is also the best assistant for you forever. Now, please allow me introduce Samsung Data Recovery to all of you. Samsung Data Recovery is the best Android smart phone and tablet recovery software.It supports  Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Google, HUAWEI, Motorola, ZTE, and more. By the way, it wins great reputation among the users beacuse of its high-recovery rate and efficiency.


Let's start from recovering the deleted caontacts.
Steps to recover deleted data contacts from Galaxy J7:

Step 1. Please Run Samsung Data Recovery and Connect Galaxy J7
First, download and install Samsung Data Recovery on the computer.Next, open the peogram and connect your Galaxy J7 to the computer with USB cable.

Step 2. Enable USB Debugging
When first step finished, you need to enable USB debugging. However, if your connected device can be recognized smoothly, you can skip this step.

Step 3. Choose Contacts to Scan
Once the program begins to work, you can check the lost files. In this time, choose contacts and messages and press “Next” button to continue.

Step 4. Analyze and Scan Your Device
Click “Start” button to begin analyzing and scanning.
In this part, you also need to make a choice between “Standard Mode” and “Advanced Mode”. In general, we advise you to select “Standard Mode”. But if that mode can not fit your device, choose another one to work for you.

Note: In this section, there are three suggestions for you.
1.Make your battery power more than 20%.
2.Do not open any other software because it may be slow down the recovery process.
3. Being patient, because precious things are always deserved to be waited.

Step 5.Preview and Restore Deleted Contacts from Galaxy J7
This operation is the final one.
You can preview the outcome of analyzing and scanning. There may be both deleted and existing contacts appeared on the screen.You can turn on the button of "Display deleted files only" to separate them if you have a need. Also, you can use the search function on the top right to search what you need in the scan result.
Select the items of contacts you want to regain, and do not forget to click “Recover” to save them on the computer.


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