Rumored Samsung S7 Will Have Two Versions, May Be Equipped With 5.2 / 5.8 Inches Screen

Judging from the rumors, Samsung S7 addition to have two kinds of screen size, resolution, will also be upgraded to 4K level, micro SD memory card expansion capabilities will also return.

Despite the premature release of the Samsung GALAXY S7 distance, but the industry has began to spread all kinds of aircraft. Recently, reports from South Korean media said Asiatoday Samsung GALAXY S7 will launch 5.2 inches and 5.8 inches touch screen in two versions, both will support 4K resolution, and offers the same storage capacity. At the same time according to the information disclosure on the microblogging display, micro SD memory card expansion capabilities will be back on the GALAXY S7.

Two versions will be available

According to South Korean media Asiatoday latest reports, Samsung GALAXY S7 will launch 5.2 inches and 5.8 inches touch screen in two versions, is expected to be listed at the same time in the second half of this year, which is the first in the Samsung GALAXY S series family. Although the authenticity of the message has yet to be confirmed, but since the iPhone 6 last year to launch two versions of its size, market segmentation performance flagship model proved touch screen size, it seems better able to meet consumer demand, so Samsung also began this year Try double-curved side panel GALAXY S6 edge touch screen series released two new models of different sizes.

Therefore, from this perspective, the South Korean media broke the news still has a certain credibility, even GALAXY S6 edge and S6 edge + appears in fact already opened the first of its kind, Samsung introduced two new touch-screen version of the GALAXY S7 should be continuation of the established policy only. In addition, Samsung GALAXY S7 will also return to the past of dual-platform strategy, will have Xiaolong Exynos processor 820 and two versions for different market, and the proportion of alleged own Exynos processor will be even greater.

Support 4K Resolution

As for the main specifications of the configuration, the Samsung GALAXY S7 touch screen resolution is the presence of two different ways. First, 5.2 inches and 5.8 inches two versions will support 4K resolution and had also heard of the Samsung 5.2 inches 4K display volume production of news; while another argument is 5.8 inches touch screen version will support 4K resolution, it seems that some ideas differentiated product strategy therein. However, the aircraft will be equipped with two versions of the same storage capacity, which is stored in a combination of 4GB RAM + 32GB / 64GB ROM's.

In addition, Samsung codenamed mongoose new processor now has the latest news is disclosed. First, run sub-score this processor has appeared in Geekbench3 database, and the performance of a full range of rolling Xiaolong 820 processor; secondly, the processor or the named Exynos8890, independent design and architecture based on ARM V8a instruction set, next Samsung GALAXY S7 most models will load the processor.

May be released at the end of this year

It is worth mentioning that, according to friendsi ice universe on the microblogging statement, Samsung listen to their voices, will be decided in the return GALAXY S7 memory card expansion slot, but you can replace the battery impossible because replaceable battery design means the phone will re-gray "large plastic" body.

As Samsung GALAXY S7's release schedule, according to the South Korean media say that will be launched at the end. Although it sounds weird, but now the smart phone market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and even Sony also released two generations of flagship model year, so the next generation of its flagship Samsung launched ahead and it is not entirely impossible.

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