Samsung automatic sentry robots: can detect intruders shot directly

Powerful South Korean Samsung Group as we know it may not be limited to smart phones and home appliances that simple. Recently, Samsung has developed a model for the SGR-A1 sentry robot, this robot can for the Korean border guard, and also through the built-in camera, heat and motion sensors to protect against intruders under the premise to carry large amounts of weapons .

It is reported that the main role of the Samsung SGR-A1 can replace traditional sentinel to prevent illegal intruders in military areas or border.

The SGR-A1 robots began developing in 2006, cost as much as $ 200,000, built 5.56 mm caliber machine guns and grenade launchers optional. In addition, the built-in infrared and visible light camera can track multiple targets, and can also be manually controlled by human manipulation.

It is reported that, SGR-A1 robot can automatically detect a range of personnel within 3.2 km, and automatic fire, it really is very scary robot. But now due to the SGR-A1 can not automatically distinguish between enemy and their status, and therefore can not easily be short-term practical application, otherwise the consequences could be disastrous.

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