Rumors Samsung Galaxy S7 will be use of magnesium alloy body

[Abstract] Although not use all-metal body, but in fact the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge of the box has been made on the use of aluminum alloy, and Samsung using 6013 aluminum alloy.

In today's mobile phone market, the metal body has almost become the flagship model in the end even the standard models, and in the last year after the iPhone 6 Plus has been discovered the existence of curved door, Apple is also on the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus metal body has been further improved, the use of higher strength 7000 series aluminum alloys. As Apple's biggest competitor, eating plastic fuselage deficit Samsung naturally nose to the grindstone in the selected materials, the recent rumors that Samsung will use comprehensive performance better magnesium alloy to create the next generation of its flagship model Galaxy S7 .

Although there is no use of all-metal body, but in fact Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge of the box has been on the use of aluminum material, and Samsung using 6013 aluminum alloy, this grade aluminum alloy typically used in the aerospace and automotive field strength than the 6063 aluminum commonly used in mobile phones better.

Although uncertain Galaxy S7 will be equipped with magnesium alloy frame or unibody, but from the consumer's point of view, one of the metal fuselage attraction will undoubtedly be even greater. This also means that Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge of back glass design also will be deprecated, instead it is using CNC technology cutting out one of the metal body.

And in addition to the use of magnesium alloy, according to previous reports, Galaxy S7 may also be equipped with dual camera, the screen size will also increase to 5.7 inches. Of course, considering the Galaxy S7 there are at least six months will be released, and therefore can not determine the credibility of the rumors.

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