How to Restore Deleted Text Messages from Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/S5


"Can someone help me please? I just mistakenly deleted some of my important text messages from my Samsung galaxy s4, I want to know is there any way can help me recover deleted text messages on Galaxy S4? please recommend some program that allows me get deleted messages back! I would like to purchase it as the text messages is really important to me. It is Android 4.2, thanks!"--Ask by Crishton

Undoubtedly, text messages are of vital meaning to everyone, as massive personal information are concluded in all the messages. If you are so unlucky to delete or lose some SMS you still need, it may cause some unnecessary trouble in your work or life.

Some of us even have no idea for text messages loss reasons. Indeed, for Android device, many unexpected accidents can make data losing, including photos, contacts, text messages, call logs lost.

As we all know,that ever OS update or ROM flashing may cause lost data on your Samsung Galaxy smart phone. However, both of those technical operations are easy to make data loss from Android phone, even you can learn the prompt of data backup before operating. For Samsung Galaxy phone, some users will ask you whether erase data when OS update or restore factory setting. If you don’t pay attention to this option, you may lose data quickly(So you must to backup samsung data to computer,before OS update).

When deleted your precious text messages on Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/S5 or other Android Phone by accident, actually the messages you deleted still exist in your phone,these messages are just marked as useless information once deleted and can be overwritten by new data, however,you still have chance to recover messages back from Samsung smart phone,this article mainly teach you a easy use guide to restore deleted SMS from Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/S5 directly.

Well, don't be desperate. Samsung Messages Recovery here provides you a better recovery experience ever. No matter the text messages are stored on SD card or internal memory card of your Samsung Galaxy, you can easily scan them out and check any one you want back to recover. Now, read on and follow the easy-guide carefully to retrieve your lost text messages from Samsung Galaxy.


Tutorial: How to Recover Lost SMS from Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/S5

Step 1. Connect Samsung Galaxy to the Computer

Open the program first and get the interface below. Use a USB cable to connect your Samsung Galaxy to the computer

Step 2. Scan and analyze for Samsung Galaxy Text Messages

In the window below, the program is now scanning for all text messages on your Samsung Galaxy. Then wait for the scan process finishing.

Step 3.Preview and  Recover Text Messages on Samsung Galaxy

You will get the scanning results after some seconds. All the details of SMS are show here. Choose what you want to recover and click "Recover" .


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