Easiest way to Recover Deleted Photos from my Galaxy S5 Active

The most comprehensive, simple and useful way to Recover Deleted Photos from my Galaxy S5 Active.

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Samsung News

Samsung's new conference to be held on August 13, rumors of a Samsung S6 edge Plus will eventually show up. And such a to 5 on the same stage debut with Samsung Note, and the flagship model of the next generation iPhone selling price under a high geometry? I believe many people are very interested. SamMobile foreign media reports, there are insiders, Samsung S6 edge Plus (32GB) price of 799.99 euros, or about RMB 5432 yuan.(Transferring info contacts from Galaxy S4/S3 to S6/Note/Plus)

As such, the Samsung S6 edge Plus Samsung S6 edge compared to the price of the listed retail price --849.99 euros (about 5772 yuan) to be a lot lower. In addition, Samsung has also announced that it will cut Samsung S6 / S6 edge prices to maintain sales growth in the mobile phone business.
Foreign media speculation that Samsung S6 edge may cut 100 euros (about 679 yuan), which is to give the new machine Samsung S6 edge Plus give way. As the aircraft time to market, foreign media said it expects in August 21.


Easiest way to Recover Deleted Photos from my Galaxy S5 Active

By Youbee:
Can I recover deleted photos from my Samsung Galaxy S5? I accidentally erased all the pictures and videos in the gallery app, pictures of my little girl doing cute things for the yesterday, they are very important to me.I want to restore those erased/deleted pictures back from Galaxy S5,is it possible to recover pictures on Samsung Galaxy smart phone?

Tips: You still have chance to recover deleted or lost pictures from Samsung phone galaxy s5,there are two ways for you get lost pictures back: Directly recover photos from Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone; scan and restore photos from the SD card(you have saved those pictures on your SD card before).

This Samsung Phone Data Recovery not only can help you recover photos form Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphones, but also restore data from S6/S4/S3/Note 4/Note 3/Note 2 and so forth. What’s more, it allows you recover lost pictures from the SD card directly are just a few clicks. Also, it can be used to recover contacts, text messages, videos and whatsapp from Samsung Galaxy S5.

Use guide to recover deleted photos from Samsung galaxy S5:

Download the free trial of Galaxy S5 Recovery, install and run it on your PC. Then connect your Galaxy S5 to it.

Select file types for recovering. You can select photos, videos, music, whatsapp history, contacts, text messages and documents.

Scan deleted photos and other data on your Galaxy S5, and recover lost photos by hitting the “Recover” button.



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