How to Recover Deleted Wahtsapp Messages on Samsung Note 8

Recently, one of my friends asked me how to recover deleted Wahtsapp Messages on Samsung Note 8? Before the question of this friend, someone had asked the similar one, but at that moment, I couldn't help him because I truly had no idea. But this time, I am glad to do a favor and sure that the deleted data of

Wahtsapp Messages must be found back in the simplest way. I recommend Dr. Fone for Android to my friend, for I have use this software to settle the data recovery cases many times.

Dr. Fone for Android is good at recovering lost or deleted data, such as contacts, photos and Wahtsapp Messages, on your device within a few simple steps and promises to give your the perfect effect amd experience. By the way, it fits 6000+ Android devices and different versions of operating system. Users all feel content with the functions and effects of Dr. Fone for Android, so the software earns a good reputation in data recovery industry with its highest recovery rate.


Now, let's learn to recover deleted Wahtsapp Messages on Samsung Note 8.

Step 1. Connect Your Phone

Once you enter the software, pick the function of Data Recovery on the homepage.

Then, connect Samsung Note 8 to the computer and make it enter USB debugging because Dr. Fone for Android needs to recognize your device.

If your device cannot get into the USB debugging, the process cannot continue.

To enable your device into USB debugging, follow the instruction displayed on the page.

Step 2. Select File Types Before Scanning

Here, all supported file types are shown on the page. Generally speaking, all options are checked. You need to cancel all checked oprions except for Wahtsapp Messages, and then click "Next" to enter scanning.

Step 3. Scan the Lost Data

Here are "Standard Mode" and "Advanced Mode". Please read the descriptions and choose one for your device.

As a rule, we suggest you choosing "Standard Mode" first, because it works faster. But if "Standard Mode" can't meet your demands, "Advanced Mode" is feasible.

Next, click "Start" button, so that the software begins scanning your Samsung Note 8. The scan of the deleted data may cost your a few minutes.

Note: A Superuser authorizationmon may appear on your device in the scan, please click "Allow" button is fine.

Step 4. Preview and Recover Deleted Data

Now, Dr. Fone for Anroid show you all data it found on your device.

Preview and check the items you want to recover, and click "Recover" button to keep them all on the computer.

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