Two Samsung C series of new machine publicity map exposure

With the Samsung GALAXY C7 Pro and C5 Pro real machine after another exposure, these two specifically for the Chinese market is about to come out of the new machine is no suspense. Now, there are users in the micro-Bo released a series of new Samsung GALAXY C Pro propaganda map, and the first appearance of the GALAXY C7 Pro and C5 Pro figure, as the slogan is still "beautiful at the moment, just right now ", The common characteristics of micro-slot antenna design and around 16 million pixel camera, the current GALAXY C7 Pro has appeared in the electronic business website and exposure of the rendering map.

Publicity map exposure

The users in the micro-Bo released Samsung GALAXY C Pro series of new aircraft publicity map includes the GALAXY C9 Pro has been available and has not yet released the GALAXY C7 Pro and C5 Pro a total of three models, the slogan was " , At the moment just good ", the highlight of the selling point is the front 16 million pixel front lens and bright self-timer, the other features were micro-slot antenna design, Super AMOLED display and screen off reminders (AOD) function.

And with the black style of the Samsung GALAXY C9 Pro is different is that the simultaneous appearance of the GALAXY C7 Pro and C5 Pro also pay attention to the color. According to the netizens @ Meng Meng's audio-visual disclosure of the statement, dark blue GALAXY C7 Pro is known as the sea blue, and light blue GALAXY C5 Pro will be named Bihu blue, while the two new machines are starting gold and Pink style for users to choose.

C7 Pro on sale at the end

It is worth mentioning that, although it is not clear these two GALAXY C series of new machine release time, but in accordance with the User @ Meng Meng's audio-visual microblogging on the statement, Samsung GALAXY C7 Pro will be on the 20th of this month will Officially on sale, and GALAXY C5 Pro will be available after the Spring Festival. In addition, users found that Samsung GALAXY C7 Pro has appeared in a power supplier website, but the price was published as a placeholder, whether the rumors said that the price of 2599 yuan is still unknown.

Currently, the model SM-C7010 Samsung GALAXY C7 Pro and model SM-C5010 GALAXY C5 Pro have got the network license, the two main differences between the new machine is reflected in the touch screen size, battery capacity, part of the color and Price and other aspects. Among them, the former will be equipped with 5.7-inch touch screen and 3300 mAh battery, while the latter was 5.2 inches touch screen and 3000 mAh battery.


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  2. The sea blue colour must look so soothing... I wonder if the camera is good quality too because setting the megapixels too high doesn't gaurantee the over whitening of the pictures, which is what happens with most of the galaxy cameras.

  3. Samsung galaxy has introduced the famous brand for releasing highest versions in last few years. But it also have compromised with the quality now.