Recover Deleted Audio from Samsung C5/C7/C9

Following the launch of the widely acclaimed A series, for the Chinese market, Samsung launched the C series. The shape of the series is stylish, performance is balanced, and the price is reasonable. So Samsung C series also attracted a group of loyal users. At this stage, the C series products are C5, C7 and C9.

More and more users are using C series phones, and they will encounter some very common problems. For example, accidentally deleted the phone data. Now, less and less mobile phone keys, we are very easy to wrong operation. So, when we accidentally deleted the phone's important data, how can we recover them? Now, I'll talk about how to solve this kind of problem for Samsung's C series phones.

Method to Recover Deleted/Lost audio from Samsung Galaxy C5/C7/C9:

My opinion is that you can use the software to solve your puzzle. Android Data Recovery is a high quality data recovery software, the interface is simple, the function is stable, the operation is very convenient, the recovery rate is very high. The situation it can deal with is also a variety. For example, lost data due to OS update, Device stuck and not responding, Data missing after Rooting or ROM flashing, Device locked or forgotten password. All of these things are very complicated, but Android Data Recovery still have the ability to solve them, not to mention that you simply delete the data?


In order to show the software more specifically, I will detail how to recover deleted Audio from Samsung C5/C7/C9.

Step 1. Run Android Data Recovery and connect the phone to the computer

First of all, you need to download Android Data Recovery on your computer. Then, install and run it according to the prompts. After running the program, you also need to use the USB line to connect your Samsung C5/C7/C9 to the computer. This process requires you to manually turn on the USB debugging in the phone. Otherwise, the program will not be able to continue to manage your cell phone.

Step 2. Select data to recover

Next, the program will pop up a window; you need to select the data you want to restore. Because I'm taking audio as an example, so I only check "Audio". If you have other needs, you can also check the other files, and then click “Next ".

Step 3. Select scan mode

Next, you also need to select the scan mode for your data. Program will provide two modes, one is the Standard mode, the other is the Advanced mode. The introduction of these two mode is also shown in the interface. You only need to choose according to your needs. Then click "Start".

Step 4. Recover audio from your Samsung C5/C7/C9

When the program completes the task of scanning data, the results of the scan will be displayed on the interface. You can preview them. Find and check the audio that you want to restore, and then click "Recover".

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