How to Recover Samsung Data after Android 7.0 Upgrade

Google has officially introduced the Android 7 at the I/O conference site.

Currently, we have to know that the new generation of Android operating system will support seamless upgrade, to achieve smooth gaming experience and more emoji expression through Vulkan API in the medium and low hardware configuration devices. However, the most interesting on the Android 7.0 is the improvement in the efficiency of the operation.

PPT from the I/O conference shows that the Android N code is reduced by 50%, the new code to reduce 50%, Android N running environment has improved significantly, the speed of software running and application installation are significantly improved.
This means that the user has ushered in a new generation of Android operating system which the running speed is the fastest in the history.

I can't wait to upgrade my Samsung mobile phone to Android 7.0. Today, my friend told me that he has a way to help me to upgrade. So I hold to try the mentality, let him help me to upgrade. Finally, my Samsung mobile phone successfully upgraded to Android 7.0. However, this result does not make me excited, because all the data on the phone is lost. I now need to restore those lost contacts, text messages, videos, photos, call logs, notes, music and more from my Samsung Galaxy S6 after Upgrade to Android 7.0, how can I do?

You can use Android Data Recovery tools. It can be applied to more than 6 thousand Android devices. Visible its compatibility is very big. There are many reasons for the loss of data, such as accidental deletion, failure of the root, failure of the upgrade, etc.. Android Data Recovery to be able to respond to these situations, and even worse situation. For Android users, it is really an essential data recovery software for you to recover lost data contacts, text messages, videos, photos, music, call logs from Samsung Galaxy S2/S3/S4/S5/S6/S7/Edge, Samsung Note 1,Samsung Note 2, Samsung Note 3, Samsung Note 4, Samsung Note 5, Samsung Note 7, Samsung Galaxy A3, Samsung A5, Samsung A7, Samsung A8, Samsung A9, Samsung Galaxy J1, Samsung J2, Samsung J3, Samsung J4, Samsung J5, Samsung J7...


Steps to Recover Lost Data from Samsung after Android 7.0 Upgrade:

Step 1: Download and install Android Data Recovery on your computer. At the same time, Samsung mobile phone will connect the computer through the USB data line. You also need to open the USB debugging on the phone.

Step 2. You need to select the type of file you want to restore. The software supports contacts, SMS, call logs, WhatsApp messages and and more. You can choose the file type according to your needs, and then click "Next".

Step 3. Scan the missing data on your device
Next, select the scan mode of the file. You can choose "Standard mode" or "Advanced mode" here. If you are confused, we suggest you try the "Standard mode" and it works faster. If it does not work, you can try the "Advanced mode". Then, click "Start".

Step 4. Preview and restore deleted data on Samsung mobile phones
When the scan is complete, you can have a preview of the data that has been scanned. Check the items you want, and then click “Recover”...


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