Recover Contacts Photos after Factory Reset Samsung Note 2/3/4/5

On changeable Internet world, the level of deceits are upgrading simultaneously. Internet virus is a big trouble for phone users because smart phone is more flexible in shopping and convenient for us in real life. It is common pay through phone rather than crash. But in the meanwhile, money stolen is more and more serious crimes in our life, especially on the Internet. And it is hard to get our lost digital money back but easy to lose our digital money on the Internet.

As for Samsung Note 2/3/4/5 users, to ensure shopping and digital money security, most of us clean our phone per day and adopt some safe-keeping program to protect our phone. There are many means to clean trash on Samsung Note 2/3/4/5. One of them is factory reset. When you doubt your device has been infected, the quickest way to stop other one control your Samsung Note 2/3/4/5 is factory reset.

After using that means to clean your phone, you will find all data from your Samsung Note 2/3/4/5 disappear. They may be your contacts, photos, messages, videos and more on your Samsung Note 2/3/4/5. Most of contacts are gone and you may be bothered by that when you phone your friends or families because the phone numbers disappear and you do not remember all of them. If you want to regain lost contacts and photos from your Samsung Note 2/3/4/5,.Dr. Fone is the best choice and best assistant for your phone and you.

Samsung Data Recovery is an excellent recovery tool which can restore deleted contacts and photos quickly. Regardless of your Samsung, HTC, ZTE, Sony, Motorola, LG or other android phone, it can help you to recover your lost/deleted photos, contacts, messages, videos, notes, call history and other kinds of files. It can solve many common scenarios, such as deleted, system crash, rooting error and so on.

Well, let’s have a relaxing try to experience Dr. Fone capability.


Steps to Recover Lost Contacts Photos from Samsung Note after Factory Reset

Step 1. Connect your Samsung Note phone to the computer

Download and open the program on your computer and connect your Samsung Note 2/3/4/5 to the computer with suitable USB cable.

Step 2.  Enable USB Debugging

If you find your device can be recognized, you need to check USB debugging and enable it to let the program detect your phone. And if your phone can be detected, just skip this step.

Step 3. Choose Lost Contacts and Photos to Scan

In this part, you need choose the flies you want to recover to scan, so select contacts and photos. And then click “Next” to continue the recovery.

Step 4. Analyze and Scan Contacts Photos from Your Samsung Note 2/3/4/5

At the begining of this step, there are two modes for you, "Standard Mode" and "Advanced Mode". In general, choose the "Standard Mode" and it can work for you. If not, choose the "Advanced Mode" to adapt your device.

And then,here you need to bear in mind that your phone's battery is more than 20% charged and do not open any other software because one of these happens, the recovry process will be slow down or even stop.

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