Samsung S6 Android 6.0 upgrades exposure with better built-in browser

[Abstract] The new system will bring about a new Internet 4.0 browser to join a new private browsing mode, users can use the new browser selection will not save any history, data, Cookies.

While Samsung said it would soon for the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge released Android Marshmallow update, but the new firmware is still nowhere to be found. And in addition to the two flagship, many other Samsung device users are also waiting for the same update.

Samsung's Android 6.0 Marshmallow update also accompanied by new TouchWiz interface, Samsung today introduced the Galaxy device after upgrading Android 6.0 will get those new features. (Recover Samsung Data after Android 6.0 Update)

First, the new system will bring about a new Internet 4.0 browser, though many users prefer to use Chrome, but the system is still the same built-in browser worthy choice. In addition, the new browser will bring a new private browsing mode, users can use this new browser will not save any selection history data, Cookies, but you can still save a bookmark. And these data are stored in a separate space, and protected by KNOX.

In addition, the automatic logon security feature enabled, when the page is set to automatically log on, each time you log need to verify the fingerprint information.

Cross App features are also worth mentioning in this service allows users to easily browse back-office applications, such as when there is a message, or e-mail contains a link, the user can pop-up display linked pages through gestures, while requiring only lightly brush can close pop-up box.

Although Cross App function and can be connected to interactive media, but currently only supports TouchWiz interface that comes with the application, including SMS, email and web capabilities.

In addition, the new updates have brought Marshmallow Gear VR device better support for the new power-saving mode, MIDI protocol, and local access control and other applications.

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