Samsung is not supported by Root pay phones will debut with Note5

Faced with Google (microblogging) and Apple burgeoned in mobile payments, Samsung Electronics has already sit still, now that it has tested its mobile payment products in the home market in Korea, "Samsung to pay." News that Samsung pay no support had been Root Samsung, which makes some users quite disappointed. According to media reports, published in August, Note5 high-end phones, Samsung will pay the external unveiled.

Root Mobile rejected

Andrews phone, advanced users Root (Linux and derivative operating system provides to obtain system privileges behavior) to obtain system privileges has been very common, although such a move increases the security risks Android system, but also greatly enhance the phone's playability. Although no authoritative data, but consumers of Android phones already Root accounted for no small proportion.

According to the US technology news site Engadget reported that, at present, Samsung Electronics is South Korea's cities, testing the Samsung pay. But according to some users complained that the trial, if your Samsung phone has Root, were banned Samsung payments.

Samsung payment software error message saying "Access Denied" and "Because unauthorized modifications, Samsung payment has been locked."
Samsung this move, so some of the old users are very dissatisfied. Andrews belong to the camp because Google Wallet (soon to be upgraded to "Andrews payment" of new products), in the installation and use, the user does not care if the phone has been acquired system privileges.

However, cell phone use is prohibited Root Samsung payment, there may be a measure beta launch, when the official product release in the ban may be canceled.

Unique payment technology field

Payment in the smartphone market, Samsung Electronics entered relatively late, but the use of payments rather special. Google and Apple currently only supports contactless payment on NFC chips, but Samsung Electronics in addition to NFC, also supports the old magnetic stripe card payment device.

Samsung Electronics had acquired a US company called LoopPay payment company, access to the magnetic field called "magnetic secure transmission" (MST) payment technology. In short, with this technology, Samsung also will be able to make payments in the old magnetic stripe card collection equipment, which greatly expanded the scale of support payments businesses.

It is well known, NFC payments have been for many years, but the pace of development has been very slow, mainly because supermarkets and small businesses, need to buy a new NFC payment devices, even the most developed in the United States pay phone, the current support NFC merchants paid in all businesses only accounted for a small percentage.

Apparently, Samsung pay magnetic technology will become a competitive chips.
It should be noted that the US retail industry pay boycott Apple is developing its own mobile payment industry tool CurrentC, while boycotting the process, some businesses take the initiative to close the NFC payments, but still open magnetic stripe card payments, which means boycott the merchant Apple paid Samsung will have to pay to open the door.

With the new flagship phone unveiled

Samsung Electronics is still the world's largest smart phone manufacturer, market share equivalent to the sum of said plurality of competition. Vast amounts of mobile phone sales, Samsung will become the engine of development pay.
In mid-August, Samsung Electronics released another series of high-end flagship phone Note5. Early August is to check Apple's release of two new handsets.
According to reports, Samsung will pay phones appeared together with Note5.

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