How To Save A Wet Water Damaged Android Phone

The rapid development of mobile phones, upgrading faster and faster, people can always do with the times, and instantly "upgrade" their equipment. Of course, not all people say that for mobile phones on the exchange, and it is still beloved plus, especially just bought a new phone. What shall protect, cherish with, someone accidentally encountered make mobile water situation. When the phone is water, most people would scramble to random press the button, blowing at the mobile phone, mobile phone or even take a hair dryer in the water. But in fact, these seemingly reasonable remedy all wrongdoing, then how to solve the problem of mobile water? Here to introduce a practical and effective method.

Four Steps to Make The Water Damaged Android Phone Rebirth

Step 1: to retrieve the phone. If the phone fell into the toilet or the bottom of the pool, do not hurry froze up again. The longer the phone soaked in water, the greater the likelihood of damage to the phone.

Step 2: Remove the battery. Do not press any key, do not shut down, simply open the phone like a shell and remove the battery. If it is like this could not pry open the shell iPhone after taking cell phone? Then carefully off as soon as the phone cut off power to prevent short circuits.

Step 3: to remove moisture. Remember, do not use a hair dryer or stove to get next to bake, because the external heat can damage delicate electronic components inside the phone. The correct approach is quick wipe with a clean towel to ensure that water does not flow into the charging port, headphone jack hole and so on.

If water has to flow along the interface or gap inside the phone, be careful to use compressed air to blow out the water, do not blowing more deeply.

Step 4: Drying. Many people will place your 24-36 hours in a dry rice bag, or even longer. It really is kind of simple, easy-to-operate emergency of the policy. However, this method also has many drawbacks: if the water is fully absorbed by the rice, then the phone jack may be stuffed with sticky rice. For security reasons, the phone must use a paper towel and then wrapped into the baggy rice.

Follow these tips to operate, after the possibility of a large mobile water remains intact. In addition, you can also try dehumidifier bags and electronic products, product desiccant, bags of rice drying method, in fact, they are the same principles can play an absorption drying effect. However, if the mobile water is too serious, or get a new phone now!

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