Samsung Note5 Protective Shell Exposure, May Be Equipped With Automatic Pop-S-Pen

Samsung Note 5 or equipped with a 5.89 inches 2K resolution touch screen, body thickness of about 7.9mm, and will be equipped with 4100mAh large capacity battery, while the processor is the new Exynos 7422 processor.

Before publishing a heavyweight new machine, some of the protective shell manufacturers usually show protective shell while inadvertently leaked the shape of the new machine is intended to allow us before the conference probably look like a new machine. But before the second half of the new flagship model of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 release, a company called Ringke protective shell will be the first manufacturer to announce the applicable Galaxy Note protective shell 5, and if you look closely you can still see some very interesting information.

Currently this protective shell has been opened in the US Amazon book, published products from Ringke map view, the most noteworthy of which is the Galaxy Note 5 design mode S-Pen stylus. On the previous generations of Galaxy Note, S-Pen stylus pen tray end user has taken groove design stylus with a finger, but the Galaxy Note 5, S-Pen stylus and the edges of the body They are flush, and there is no recess, which means that S-Pen stylus-out system will change. While pushing the body then pop is a very reasonable guess, but if the reference before being exposed stylus Samsung patent case, Galaxy Note 5 may also be equipped with an automatic pop-S-Pen, you can even open and the touch When the application starts automatically eject mechanism associated with the pen. Although auto pop up on the function of sense it may not be great, but the Galaxy Note 5 for such a flagship model, which will undoubtedly increase the phone to bring high-end consumer experience.

Apart from the S-Pen stylus from its protective casing products can also be seen in FIG Galaxy Note 5 Galaxy S6 will continue the design style, body made of metal and glass building, it looks very high-end. Galaxy Note 5 Raised above the back camera and flash, the bottom of the stylus, speaker, data interface, headphone jack and a microphone, power button and volume buttons are located on the right and left side of the fuselage, the top fuselage there The second microphone and slot.

Of course, important to note that many manufacturers protective shell given product map is drawn after the reference to various rumors imaginary figure, so there may be some discrepancies with the real machine. But considering the Samsung or the Galaxy Note 5 release date brought forward to August 12 in order to seize the initiative, and therefore believe that before long the true colors 5 Galaxy Note will be finally revealed.

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