Huawei Mate S Reviews: Shiatsu means new interactive dimension fingerprint section

[Abstract] Huawei hopes from pressure-sensitive screen, refer to the interactive section with the fingerprint to unlock the three angles to enhance the interactive experience.
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Mate 7 in the domestic mobile phone market miraculously Win, not only the market for this old domestic mobile phone manufacturers with new positioning and expectations, for Huawei himself also brought new pressures. How to maintain a position in the high-end flagship domestic mobile phone market, how to create a model beyond 7 Mate, Mate S in the latest release, Huawei given a response.


Huawei's progress in recent years in the process of projecting, is obvious. Metal body for the pursuit and stick, make Huawei a public high-end models have a very good look and feel.

Mate S inherited the fine tradition. With a full metal body, in conjunction with the arc of cover design, corner thinnest thickness of only 2.65 mm, and the thickest part of the machine is also only 7.2 mm, with the palm of your hand when holding the phone quite fit. This time the problem masking signal metal fuselage Huawei given solution is similar to the days of international manufacturers design lines, spraying metallic paint Mate plastic cover from 7 to P8 wayward black glass, Mate S's significantly more holistic solutions.

Mate S positive equipped with a 5.5 inches AMOLED screen 1080p, battery 2700 mA when after all the big-screen full-HD is a challenge, and therefore should be carried out from all angles saving optimization, AMOLED black non-light emitting characteristics were in this part well supported.

And on the front panel, Huawei uses 2.5D glass reinforced edge of the screen feel, and in order to ensure the complete sense of the golden color of the front glass also uses a gold handle, but from the actual perception of texture and cover the metal still has a obvious gap.

Fingerprint knuckles and pressing

Increase or decrease the size of the screen, for interaction with the speaking habits have a decisive change. When users find their fingers are familiar with the operation can not be completed on the existing screen, it will start looking to explore another dimension of interactivity.

About Force Touch pressure-sensitive screen, in fact, is the first on Apple Watch Apple added, original intention is due to watch the screen size is too small, Apple hopes to minimize the menu button on the small screen, so the pressure sensitive screen as a virtually invisible button exists on the watch screen.

In the ensuing MacBook 2015 models, Apple again used the pressure-sensitive technology. However, because the MacBook trackpad itself is a very large area, you basically do not have any scruples above the dashed operation, so Apple for this technique are given only two applications, one is hard pressed when the video accelerated fast forward acceleration increase; the other is in the page preview of the new web press firmly. Remove these two applications, it is difficult to find you can use pressure-sensitive screen operation. This is currently the most embarrassing place pressure sensitive screen facing: its value, must be reflected in tap, long press and slide beyond three operating modes. But now for Huawei EMUI system, so there is almost no interaction. In the latest release of Apple iPhone 6s, apple iOS recreate this new interactive form - Preview (Peek), was able to make this operation a final landing. I do not know the same interactive format will not appear on Huawei's next flagship model.

Mate S the largest pre-promotion gimmick than added pressure sensitive screen, but when we read the IFA conference will find Huawei Huawei to use pressure-sensitive screen quite spot to mean (evaluation machine or do not have pressure-sensitive screen function).

Currently Mate S of pressure-sensitive screen display function has been included in the photo browsing screen push hard, so that the image with the intensity of the pressing position of different size and zoom. However, the operation point of view, zoom in and out of the display is not smooth. And to say the least, double Enlarge experience really can not meet user needs? While another presentation pressure sensitive screen is more like functional demo, the user opens a weighing applications, with different intensity of pressing the screen, the application will show a different weight, which is almost the pressure sensitive screen works with Application forms to show up, in actual use, whether in the form of objects weighing point of contact with the screen, this is a need to think about.

Performance pressure sensitive screen is not satisfactory, but refers to the performance section of the interaction is a fairly good. Since the fingers and knuckles identify different, while supporting the sliding and knocking knuckles, so in actual use, the operation can be said knuckles open another mobile phone screen, the user can open a good knuckle gesture by setting the camera, music and other applications, learning costs aside do not say, this set than to draw a secondary menu and then click on to find applications more quickly.

In addition to knuckle slide open the application, Mate S also supports single-knuckle tap screenshots and double knuckle open recording screen. Although these applications are not killers level, but in the interactive development into the bottleneck of the phone today, such as mobile phones can operate with a good score.

Fingerprint identification has become a key dimension of interaction increases a new tool. On Mate S, fingerprint identification key is defined into a tiny trackpad, users can draw breath under Notification Center at any interface, the interface can slide in the album were pictures of switching. Under outgoing zoned Notification Center is set just use really quite stunning, one-handed operation is not easy to reach for the top of the screen area, the location of the key fingerprints quite conveniently. But after using a longer time, fingerprint button set design also began to expose some problems.

When using the phone, since the unlock key position is almost forefinger usually easiest placement, so when the grip, they would often misuse outbound notification center; in the phone stuffed into pants pocket when the same due Gold fingerprint unlocking position so often unlock the phone in the phone stuffed into pockets process, but also out to re-lock the screen, or when the situation occurs frequently annoying. This is probably belong to the key position is too intimate and annoyance it.

Chip performance

Mate S use Huawei's own production of Kirin 935 chip, although While this chip has 64 8-core 3GB large memory of the title, but due to the eight core have adopted the A53 (four low frequency to 1.5GHz A53, four 2.2 Enhanced version of A53 GHz core), so in terms of performance with Qualcomm Xiaolong 810 still has a certain gap, also weaker than the Qualcomm Snapdragon 808. Kirin 935 GPU quad-core aspects of Mali T628 MP4, clocked at 680MHz.

Although the performance behind Qualcomm Xiaolong 810, but can not have both power and performance has always been, Huawei unicorn 935 for power consumption control relatively well, in conjunction with the built-in App consumption detection system power consumption, making Mate S in use process to maintain the smooth and stable system, while at 2700 mA when the battery is not great premise, to ensure that the standby level can be maintained at a fairly good level.

But more unfortunately, Mate S does not support 5G Wifi technology, though most buy Mate S users may not know what 5G Wifi is. Simply put, this is a fifth-generation Wifi technology standards, while smaller disturbances have 125MB per second transfer rate. But taking into account the mobile phone is an iterative product fast product, most people will replace the new phone and 5G Wifi current lack of technical support for the status quo more within two years, Huawei abandon 5G Wifi technology it can also be understandable.


Huawei Mate S rear lens almost resorted to the most powerful configuration, 13 million pixel camera, sapphire lens with optical image stabilization. Also supports manual adjustment parameters, streamer and some mainstream camera shutter mode.

Overall performance proofs performance aspect Mate S overwhelmed by the excellent but not very stable. In some cases, exposure accuracy and white balance performance in automatic mode even more than iPhone 6, but under certain circumstances, the camera's Mate S WB significant shift occurred case. Mate S proofs and no strong sense of painting, details of the reduction is quite in place, but so I am more puzzling is, Mate S While 13 million pixel camera in resolving power and not with iPhone 6 of 8 million pixels pull open gap, proofs enlarged to the same size, the performance of both the details closer.

The following is a sample of Mate S


Huawei EMUI is in the domestic mobile phone manufacturers, for Android and iOS both systems integrate the advantages of a better system.

Mate S of EMUI 3.1-based system Android 5.1. But the UI style, closer to iOS, including the introduction of the notification center, multi-tasking interface, thumbnail display, zoom animation application is opened, the main interface fell into the search, these operational experience both with the current system is very close to the iOS so if you are a iPhone user before, then the use of Mate S does not have too much to learn the cost of production.

And in the fast switch, home key planning to enter the voice search, use the desktop plug on, EMUI and Jinzun Android specification, so in some operations, this system than with the native Android compared to iOS, more convenient and fast.


Although the battery capacity is 2700 mA when little, but because Huawei uses multiple energy-saving measures, such as the unicorn 935 chip outstanding ability to control power consumption, Super AMOLED screen saving features, system-level power-saving reminders (reminding background power applications), standby Mate S under normal use or can get through the day, the normal use of the day, probably about 30% of the electricity surplus, online watch high-definition video one hour consumes 12% of the electricity. Although there is no powerful standby capacity, but for ordinary users normal use, or more than sufficient.

To sum up

To try and pursue new technology, domestic mobile phone manufacturers Huawei always walk in the front. This time though for the application of pressure sensitive screen is also not mature, but Huawei multiple attempts in human-computer interaction, and was able to clearly convey the "Huawei and other mobile phones do not think the same," the signal. This homogenization of Android phones, domestic mobile phone homogenization of today, it is particularly rare.

4199 yuan is clearly positioned Huawei Mate series for the market positioning of the probe. Despite experience aside, Huawei accurate market for packaging and positioning of Mate series, and indeed in the domestic market ahead of other competitors, "golden", "high", "atmosphere" These words have become irresistible for a particular group vocabulary. As to whether the phone finally able to replicate the success of 7 Mate market, we will answer to time.

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