Excellent in the end large-screen phone Samsung Galaxy J7 Experience

[Abstract] face of poor performance last year, in 2015, Samsung did make a lot of changes, taking into account the strong performance and design flagship Galaxy S double regression is the best proof.

Faced with poor performance last year, in 2015, Samsung did make a lot of changes, a strong balance of performance and design of the flagship Galaxy S double regression is the best proof. Moreover, Samsung has also significantly streamlined its product line, new products have a single capital letters combined with figures in the form of naming, where the series of letters on behalf of roughly product positioning, and the larger the number, it means that the higher the positioning.(Transfer Whatsapp Chats from Samsung to New Samsung Galaxy)

Not long ago, Samsung released the big screen a new machine called the Galaxy J7, and from J7 name is not difficult to see that this is a mid-market products. While the J-series main cost, but the number 7 has a higher status on behalf of the aircraft in J series. But Galaxy J7 in the end how well, let us take a look at the detailed evaluation of the foreign media to give it!

Hardware Configuration

Galaxy J7 equipped with a 720p resolution of 5.5 inches Super AMOLED display, front and rear 500 million pixels 13 million pixel camera, 1.5GB RAM, 16GB ROM and supports micro SD card capacity expansion, battery capacity of 3000mAh, dual card design and support for 4G LTE, the system is pre-installed operating system Lollipop's Touchwiz-based Android 5.1.(Moving Data from Samsung to Samsung)

It should be noted that, due to the different processor Galaxy J7 There are two versions, one version chosen Qualcomm Xiaolong 615, while another version, compared with Samsung's own Exynos 7580. Xiaolong 615 and are used Exynos 7580 eight-core A53 architecture, plus the former 1GHz quad-core 1.5GHz quad-core, supplemented by Adreno 405 graphics processor, while the latter are all core clocked at 1.5GHz, and graphics processor to Mali -T720MP2. In addition, only Exynos version of the Galaxy J7 only support NFC functionality. As the positioning is relatively low S series and A series, so Galaxy J7 only equipped with a 5V / 1.55A charger, does not support the high-pass fast charge technology, of course, is also no fingerprint recognition.


Galaxy J7 first impression is that this is not a design-oriented product, obviously slim all-metal body of Galaxy A series of color value is much higher, but looks more like a Samsung Galaxy J7 years before the product, not the screen size difference if you maybe are difficult to distinguish what is the difference between it and the Galaxy S3.

Galaxy J7 body of plastic material, but the measurements and weight control was good, respectively, 152.2 × 78.7 × 7.5mm and 171g, volume keys and power button in the fuselage side, at the bottom of the micro USB port and 3.5mm standard headphone jack , and positive bottom is Samsung's iconic three buttons. It is interesting, Galaxy front camera J7 actually comes with a flash, flash and front camera to the handset are located in the left and right sides of the border, but the downside is that the addition of a white panel slightly discordant opening.

Screen display

Samsung Galaxy J7 is equipped with a 5.5 inches of 720p Super AMOLED display, scaling down the unit pixel density of 267ppi, although slightly lacking in sophistication, but color performance and viewing angles of this screen are very good. Moreover, the tests showed that in the general case Galaxy J7 maximum brightness of 360 nits, while in bright light can soar to 500 nits, to ensure the visibility of the sun, at the same level models really quite good.

Imaging Camera

In camera terms, though not with Note and Galaxy S series under a high, but the main mid-market Galaxy J7 is remarkable. Galaxy J7 equipped with a 13 million pixel camera, aperture f1 / 9. Tests show, Galaxy J7 of settle and are more accurate in most cases, but there are signs of a slight cool, low-light situations noise control is also relatively satisfactory.

But Galaxy J7 disadvantage is that the dynamic range of the camera is not wide enough to deal with high-contrast backlit scenes indeed a bit difficult, but fortunately HDR can be filled. Also note that the pixels will fall under the Galaxy A8's HDR mode from the original 16 million to 800 million, but the Galaxy J7 but it can keep the 13 million pixels.

Let's look at the front camera. Galaxy front camera J7 500 million pixels and support for 120-degree wide angle, so when the self-timer can accommodate more objects. But unfortunately, Galaxy J7 front camera appeared insufficient and rear camera similar dynamic range, often face normal exposure but the sky will be overexposed, while noise control is not ideal, but the pre-flash design largely avoided photographing scene is too dark. Overall, Galaxy J7 camera performance at the same level of product called good, but can not be called the top, while the front camera there is some room for improvement.

Systems, software and others

Galaxy J7 preloaded with the depth of customization based on Android 5.1 operating system Touchwiz, more streamlined compared to the previous version, plus the blessing of the two processors in the end, to ensure a high overall fluency, while some, such as S Plan features and functionality, including application has also been retained. It is worth mentioning that Samsung has pre-installed in the system a series of Microsoft Office Suite, but also comes with 100GB of OneDrive cloud storage space, which for business users, should have a certain appeal.

Also in the Life, this has 3000mAh battery capacity Jinzhong end new big-screen performance surprising new machine, or even been close to the high-end Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note 5, more than nine hours of continuous browse pages, under normal circumstances By fully meet the day of use, and standby time of more than three days.

To sum up

Overall, Galaxy J7 regarded as a qualified mid-range models. Excellent screen and camera, a good processor and smooth system performance, plus the surprise life achievements, these advantages are so Galaxy J7 competent general needs of the user. But Galaxy J7 equally obvious disadvantage, such as slightly less than the sophistication of 720p resolution, the smaller the available space and built "old fashioned" design, but taking into account their relative price close to the people, these problems can indeed be understood.

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