Apple iPhone 6s Plus and Samsung new phone - Galaxy S6 edge+, Note 5,which you choose?

Recently, Samsung ahead of iPhone, released a new big-screen flagship Galaxy Note 5, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge +. This has been speculation that Samsung to check iPhone 6s Plus.

We can say that Samsung led the wave of large-screen phone, perhaps inspired by Samsung, Apple also last year launched a large-screen iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. And sales is quite good.

Apple's new rumors from the current point of view, is almost certain to launch two iPhone. Which should be the flagship of a big-screen iPhone 6s Plus. Due to the large-screen phone more than a strong opponent, Samsung had first to develop new machines, trying to seize market opportunities.

Perhaps after many users see Note 5, around the corner, but misses the September upcoming iPhone 6s Plus. So the question is, Note 5 and 6s Plus, which is better?

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how to transfer Samsung data to Samsung Galaxy S6 edge plus

how to transfer data between Samsung and iPhone

Different systems differ from each other

First, the biggest difference between the two from the system. One is the Android system, one is the iOS system, long-standing debate about the pros and cons of both.

Android system allows users to be more self-customization, and iOS closed strong, less freedom to customize the permissions on the one hand, on the other hand but also conducive to the stability and security of the system.

Figuratively, to get a new house to decorate, Apple is giving you a furnished; while Samsung renovated according to their own wishes. At this time the user's choice, the matter of opinion.

Samsung's advantages: S-pen stylus

S-pen can be said that the Samsung Galaxy Note series features a large, but also, Note S-pen function 5 has been optimized. Use the pop-up design, the pressure to become more sensitive responses, the most important change is that the new generation of S-Pen, the content can be directly input in any case.

A lot of rumors that Apple is also considering a large-screen device joins the stylus. Even the media reports, Apple has tested a variety of different models stylus, but generally speaking, the stylus is ready for the iPad, iPhone 6s Plus possibility equipped with a stylus is not large.

Apple Advantage: Force Touch

From the current exposure of the information point of view, the next generation of the iPhone will be equipped with a pressure sensitive touch technology Force Touch suspense no longer.

Previously, Apple first used on Apple Watch Force Touch, and then again this technique for the new MacBook. Apple wants the technology to make its products have advantages in competition with Samsung's.

For example, in a notebook, the user pressed intensify pressure sensitive touch pad, you can let the car speed up the game. On Apple's new phone, pressure-sensitive input will help users save more clicks, you can go directly to a function of the software.

Mobile Payment: Apple ahead of others

On the mobile payment, Apple accounted for the first-mover advantage. Last October, Apple in the United States launched the Apple Pay, iPhone 6 and Apple Watch can use it to make payments. The major US financial institutions are beginning to support Apple Pay, although its turnover is still limited.

Apple Pay in July this year, landed in the UK, won the British more than 250,000 retail outlets and eight large banks support.

Samsung pay its debut in March this year, with Apple Pay is different, Samsung paid in addition to support NFC payment, but also supports MST (magnetic secure transmission technology) payments. That is, the credit card system we use every day without having to change, you can pay directly by Note 5.

Samsung had previously said that more than 3000 million merchants worldwide, Samsung can support payment. The official on-line in South Korea, Sept. 28 landing in the United States on August 20.

Price and release date:

By convention, Samsung was originally scheduled for release in September this year in Berlin Note 5. In fact, Samsung on August 13 in advance of publication of the new machine. Public opinion generally believes that Samsung released ahead of Note 5, it is to avoid the Apple iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus release time. In other words, Samsung and Apple confrontation, Samsung withdrew.

The selling price, country line version undisclosed price, Hong Kong 32GB version is priced at 4,693 yuan. This price than the upcoming iPhone 6s Plus cheaper.

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