Users said: curved screen is my greatest motivation to buy S6 Edge

[Abstract] Curved side of the screen have features not only limited to the notification reminders, it also add favorite contacts and act as a luminous watches.

In the past few years, Samsung has become the mobile phone industry's victims, because Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus advent and was taken away sales. Rather, the number of change from Android phones to the iPhone hit a record, and as a leader in Android devices, Samsung's sales fell sharply.

However, the last ten days I've been using the new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, I think the company may make a comeback. Largely because most people admire in its hardware innovations mystery: Edge of curved screen, side to receive push messages. For me, I feel Edge of the screen may be a big step forward, simple and elegant. It is worth noting that a very small hardware design changes can have a huge impact on the sales of smart phones. In 2011, when Samsung first began producing large-screen phone Note was ridiculed. Nobody foresaw these: those days, the phone size small to fully adapt to the hands. In contrast, holding the Note like holding a book in front of the same face.

Four years ago, the technology website Business Insider has published such remarks: "Would you buy a 5-inch Android phone with stylus it is the 5.3-inch Samsung Note tablet or smartphone boundary is not clear we're not sure?. whether it is a good thing, Samsung's 4.5-inch screen has reached the limit .Note also has a stylus, so you can write on the big screen phone these days we are not a fan of the stylus, plus they still have 2001 some form. "

IPhone 5s launch two years ago, it seems that Samsung is the use of a huge mistake. Users want to have large-screen mobile phone Apple, but Apple is still selling a small screen products. Thereby Samsung Galaxy booming sales climb. From 2013 to 2014, iPhone sales growth into a vicious circle.

Until today, all components of mobile phones have a more than 5 inches screen version.

Samsung's latest Galaxy Note 5 is becoming a flagship with a stylus. Early demand for the Note has exceeded the S6 and S6 Edge. It seems difficult to catch up Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge or demand Galaxy Note 5: Because Galaxy Note 5 did not launch in the UK, however, the company has greatly underestimated the amount of demand Edge. Of course, Samsung's sales have not yet recovered. But the key is that it has two simple hardware innovative design, curved screen and stylus is the biggest highlight of the two companies. As we have seen, Apple seems ready to follow the current Samsung curved screen and stylus products. Apple has patented the stylus in the form of a mobile device, in addition Apple has developed its own curved screen products.

Samsung's three new products, Galaxy S6 Edge, S6 Edge + and Note 5 has received rave reviews. My colleague Steve Kovach, after using the iPhone, said: "S6 Edge is the most beautiful he had used the phone, almost perfect." I have another colleague Antonio Villas Boas said: "Note 5 he used the best smartphone. "It was a crazy chaotic world. Last year technology media tell us, Samsung defeat to Apple. So when I get a new S6 Edge, I am particularly concerned about its curved screen function of the "mystery."

I really like it.

Galaxy S6 Edge curved screen has three main purposes:

Like email and Twitter, under black or lock screen that is able to view the push message; five favorite contacts can be located in the side of the screen as a shortcut; sleep at night, night light can be used as a clock, do not switch to see to time.

Now, with Edge can do is limited, because there are not many applications or developers to provide screen prompts and notifications side. My phone set up some stocks, Twitter and email accounts. Initially, it is a new phone. But even more importantly, I want to be able to do more curved side of the screen. I really like their phones without having to switch all be able to receive push messages.

Thus, Galaxy S6 Edge curved screen is a bit similar to Apple Watch. For a long time, people realized that the watch can not replace Apple iPhone, but the watch can avoid your phone out of his pocket every two seconds to view the notification message. Similarly, Edge regardless of your desk or in your hand, do not have to switch a lot of that is able to see the lock screen message.

I try to Edge screen features introduced to my friends, but they did not have much interest. Frankly, the notification can further improve the set-up process, switching demand gestures can be faster and easier to spot. But this is a new product, these improvements can easily be limitations.

Strangely, everyone loved the night bell function. Mobile phones have largely replaced the alarm clock. Edge side of the screen but this feature is more like the old radio alarm clock that people use 2007 years ago. For this function it is reassuring. I now look at my old phone, but I do not want to use it again.

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